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For Businesses And Professionals

At The Cross Law Firm in Baton Rouge, I provide a full range of legal representation for small to medium businesses. I also serve professionals in the area who are contending with issues surrounding their professional licenses.

Trusted Representation For Professionals And Business Owners Throughout Greater Baton Rouge And Lafayette

Business Litigation

Business Litigation

I provide comprehensive legal services for small to medium-size businesses.

Insurance Recovery

Insurance Recovery

I pursue full compensation for insured business losses.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law

I help a wide range of professionals with compliance and maintaining their licenses to conduct their business or practice.

A Business Law Firm With A Comprehensive Approach

My name is Heather Cross, and as a business owner myself, I know that the success of a business is subject to a variety of factors. It is no secret that compliance with government administrative regulations is critical yet confusing. Maintaining all the specifications for professional licensure can get lost in the day-to-day activity of operating your business. It can be overwhelming to understand where the regulations intersect the course of your business and what – exactly – you should do when you receive a notice that your licensure is in jeopardy.

My goal is to help business owners and professionals understand the regulations, draft strategies and provide assertive representation before hearing boards. I also take appeals to state district court when necessary. I utilize a value-based flat fee structure so you can get intelligent legal action and manage your bottom line at the same time.

Recovering Losses So You Can Move Ahead

Losses from events out of your control, such as severe storms, can wreak havoc on your business, especially if your insurance company is not willing to pay your claim.

I am an aggressive ally of businesses suffering from nonpayment or underpayment of insurance claims, providing sophisticated and efficient representation of your best interests.

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