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Licensing issues can lead to significant complications for your business. Whether you’re a small business, a medium-sized business, or an individual contractor, challenges and revocations of your license can impact your revenue stream. If you’re facing issues around your contractor license and need legal support, contact a Baton Rouge contractor license lawyer.

Baton Rouge Contractor License Lawyer

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The Cross Law Firm is dedicated to providing support to small and medium-sized businesses as well as contractors. We understand how difficult contractor and business law can be, and our firm can help with many different areas of contractor law. Our goal is to provide the same cost-effective and personalized services that big firms offer to corporations to smaller businesses. That way, they can also benefit from competitive legal services.

Contractor License Law

Contractor law might sound simple at first: you need a license to perform work. However, there are many different issues that require legal assistance, including:

  • Penalties: Violations of license law can lead to fines that can involve a significant ratio of the value of a contract. This can dramatically impact the amount of revenue that one can receive from a contract, and it can even impact the business as a whole.
  • Denials: In some instances, applicants can get their licenses denied for matters unrelated to the license itself, like criminal convictions. An attorney can determine why an applicant was denied and help them take action to receive a license in the future.
  • Negligence: In some instances, individuals can file claims against contractors for negligence. This can involve a larger amount of damages than a license penalty, and it may require compensation for any damages that clients sustained as a result of the negligence.
  • Contracts: If a contract is worded poorly or there are disputes over certain items in the document, a contractor can be brought to court by their clients. An attorney can represent you in a breach of contract claim or help draft contracts before issues occur.
  • Fraud: Claims of fraud might occur when there are issues with billing or materials. They may also occur when a contractor is accused of misrepresenting themselves in a contract. These accusations should be taken seriously and usually require an attorney to address.
  • Future Issues: Sometimes, a client can bring a case to court, even if you have already completed the work. An attorney can represent you in instances where clients notice defects in the materials or construction of a project.
  • Administrative Hearings: Even if a case does not go to civil court, it might still be heard by a regulatory board. It is a good idea to seek representation from an attorney in these instances to make sure that the board can understand the situation from your perspective.
  • Reinstatements: Just because your license is revoked does not mean that it is permanently gone. An attorney can help you petition to recover your license if it is suspended or taken away.

If you are contacted by any regulatory board, attorney, or administrator, you should contact your own attorney as soon as possible before communicating with anyone about your case. This is to make sure that your situation is not misrepresented by things you might say, which can be taken out of context in a hearing or court case.

Why Do I Need an Attorney?

Performing work without a contractor license can lead to significant fines, penalties, and legal issues. This can also change or void contracts that were signed while an individual did not have a license. Working with an attorney can help resolve issues surrounding license infractions in an efficient manner.

Many individuals are concerned about the potential cost of hiring an experienced attorney to address issues with contractor law. Attorney Heather Cross at The Cross Law Firm, we are dedicated to providing cost-effective services and offer transparent pricing agreements. We offer flat fee pricing structures, hourly rates, and contingency fee structures, depending on the details of your case. While many legal issues cannot be predicted ahead of time, we offer accurate quotes and reasonable fees.


Q: How Much Work Can You Do Without a Contractor License in Louisiana?

A: The amount of work you are able to do without a contractor license depends on the scope of the project and its monetary value. Any small-scale projects that do not require a large amount of money in materials or labor costs usually do not require a license unless they include hazardous materials, like asbestos or mold. For more information on what kinds of projects you might be able to undertake without a contractor license in Baton Rouge, or throughout Louisiana, contact a contractor license attorney.

Q: Can You Sue a Contractor in Louisiana?

A: There are many ways that an individual can sue a contractor in Louisiana, depending on the circumstances. If there was a contract that was violated, it is possible to sue for breach of contract. There are also other violations, like fraud, misrepresentation, and negligence, that could apply to your situation. To learn more about your contractor issue and how to defend yourself against claims, talk to a contractor license lawyer.

Q: Do You Need a Contractor License to Be a Handyman in Louisiana?

A: A handyman needs a license to perform jobs that are worth over a certain amount of money. The types of jobs that they can do are limited to minor maintenance. They cannot do work on things like electrical systems, plumbing, or HVAC, along with repairs involving major structural issues. A handyman can perform repairs by themselves as a small business or work for a larger company. For more information on handyman legislation, contact a licensing attorney.

Q: How Hard Is It to Get a Contractor’s License in Louisiana?

A: To receive a contractor’s license in Louisiana, an individual must file paperwork with the Louisiana State Licensing Board for Contractors. They must include the information associated with their business or information on the business that they are working for. There are also net worth requirements, insurance requirements, and certification exams that one must take to qualify for a contractor’s license.

Receive Personalized Support

Issues surrounding license renewals and disputes can be complicated and might involve a lot of issues. That’s why it’s so important to contact an attorney for issues surrounding contractor licenses. For detailed assistance on your individual concerns, schedule a consultation with The Cross Law Firm today.

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