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The Cross Law Firm provides and advocacy for small to midsized businesses, business owners and professionals who find themselves involved in contested legal matters in their line of business and and freelance services in litigated matters to other law firms. The firm’s main practice areas involve representation of policyholders against their insurance companies, representation of businesses and business owners in disputed claims and lawsuits, and representation of business owners and professionals with licensing matters and claims against government agencies.

Cross Law Firm’s services are performed on the legal project management method and the value-based billings approach. This means that the Cross Law Firm works with its clients to determine what the legal problem facing them may be, and to determine what the client’s ideal resolution may be. The firm then helps the client determine the most efficient – cost effective means of reaching the best result. In this way, the firm is able to determine what the legal fee will be, in advance and up front. The Cross Law Firm offers these services on a flat fee basis, on an hourly basis or a contingency fee basis where the fees are paid out of your business’s ultimate recovery.

These approaches are being increasingly demanded by Fortune 500 companies of “Big Law,” but are largely out of reach for small and midsize businesses and business owners. Not anymore. The Cross Law Firm is the only litigation firm in Louisiana operating exclusively with these methods.

No attorney can guarantee the outcome of any legal matter, but the Cross Law Firm guarantees that every client will know the price of representation.

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As an attorney with a business background, I serve
business owners and professionals working in a wide
range of fields. I am a trusted legal ally before
government agencies and administrative boards, in the
courtroom and when handling insurance company

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20 Years

Of Experience In
Legal Advocacy

Recovering Losses
So You Can Move

Losses from events out of your control, such as severe storms,
can wreak havoc on your business, especially if your insurance
company is not willing to pay your claim.

I am an aggressive ally of businesses suffering from
nonpayment or underpayment of insurance claims, providing
sophisticated and efficient representation of your best

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